Photo Fun Items

The walther design assortment altogether offers nearly 40 different magnet designs. You can choose from classic points (coloured or black-and-white), glittering stars, squares, flowers and large and small hearts. For fans of extraordinary designs we also have magnets with week days, tea pots, paper clips, footballs, ice-cream cones, the Statue of Liberty, several smileys and various animal designs ready for you to pick from. walther design magnets are ultra-strong neodymium magnets and, depending on the magnet's surface area, hold up to 6-12 DIN A 4 pages. This amusing Photo Fun Item as a gift or for the fridge is available in a practical 6 or 7-pack.

nearly 40 designs in a practical 6-pack


Memo Boards

Photo Fun Items

At walther design you will also find the matching memo board for the numerous magnets. Our memo boards are made of stainless steel and have a matte silver and brushed finish. You can choose from two sizes (6x45 or 30x45 cm). The two large memo boards are available, either with eyelet suspension for portrait or landscape hanging or with a covered suspension with an angled edge in portrait format.

slim memo board

with a covered edge suspension