Unique Portrait Frames

Classic and elegant portrait frames made of metal, some silver plated, or glass. Choose from more than 30 different models, each in multiple formats.

Nora & Xenia                               Emily 

Amelie (silver plated)

Vintage Brocante

Unique Portrait Frames

Playful portrait frames with delicate ornamentation and angel shaped apliqué work - modern chic combined with baroque elements.

< Saint Germain                               Molise


Country Style

Unique Portrait Frames

Portrait frames with playful profiles and intricate finishes, available in soft white, cream and brown tones. 

< Lihou                               Jersey


Vintage Hearts

Unique Portrait Frames

Delightful portrait frames with an authentic wood finish, patina and additional heart-shaped appliqué work.



Vintage Club

Unique Portrait Frames

Portrait frames with broad wooden profiles in country house style.

< Love                               Longford


Ethnic Chic

Unique Portrait Frames

Rustic portrait frames - coarse profiles with a rough surface and open cell processing - a touch of Africa.

< Sapeli                               Dupla



Unique Portrait Frames

Portrait frames with broad wooden profiles and patina - a hint of summer in Brittany.

< Nantes                               Cher



Unique Portrait Frames

Colourful and bold - the young frame line of walther design. Portrait frames with coloured glittering stone applications.

< Bellamy


Unique Portrait Frames

Mini frames, baby and children's frames, as well as classical table frames round off the extensive walther design range of Unique Portrait Frames. 

< Studio Line & Acryl                               Mèlange

Baby Toys