Aluminium frame

Aluminium frames exhibit timeless elegance and purism. They are characterised by flawless stability and durability (with minimal weight) and shine with a special surface finish. The anodised surface guarantees colour fastness, even after many years. walther design aluminium frames are elegant and simple in design, which makes them perfectly suitable for modern living spaces. The walther design aluminium clip-on frames are crafted with high quality standards and, in the standard version, ­come with suspension devices for landscape and portrait pictures. Frames up to size 20x30 cm also have an additional stand for practical use as a portrait frame on a desk or sideboard.

A classic in a clean design with a block profile. Chair has a matte brushed finish in five colours and 14 standard sizes (from 10x15 to 50x70), as well as three extremely modern square sizes (from 20x20 to 40x40 cm with bevelled mount). All frames sized 40x50 cm and above also come with an extremely stable gallery mount.


Aluminium frame

Timeless elegance in the latest aluminium colours.
Aluline has a diagonally cut passe-partout for optimum picture effect, and a brushed finish with a 3 cm wide rectangular profile. Aluline is available in four great colours and nine standard sizes (from 10x15 to 50x70 cm). The gallery mount for sizes 40x50 cm and above make hanging large sizes extremely easy.  


Aluminium frame

High-quality workmanship with elegant chic. 
The Spacy aluminium frames are available in a square profile with a matte brushed finish in three elegant colours (black, steel and gold). The range of sizes includes 13 standard sizes (from 10x15 to 70x100 cm), as well as three square sizes (from 30x30 to 50x50 cm). All frames up to size 20x30 cm come with an additional stand. Sizes 40x50 cm and above come with a gallery mount in addition to suspension eyelets for landscape and portrait hanging.