Photo and gift boxes

Photo boxes are perfect for clean and quick archiving of photos. They hold up to 800 photos or are used as gift packaging.

The photo and gift boxes in the Fun series are bound with a high-quality structure paper and have a small square cutout on the front into which a personal photo can be inserted. The photo boxes are closed with a colour-matched satin ribbon and are suitable for photos sized 10x15 or 13x18 cm. They can hold up to a total of 50 photos and they are often used as a wonderful gift packaging. Fun photo and gift boxes are offered in a total of 10 amazing classic and trendy colours.

Photo boxes


The photo boxes in the Mariposaseries are bound with a high-quality art print cover which is available in three different colours. The boxes have a metal holder on the front for individual labelling and, in addition, are supplied with 8 white divider cards for a better overview. These boxes have sufficient capacity to hold up to 700 photos sized 10 x 15 cm.