Mini Albums

Mini Memories

Practical, portable, perfect! Mini albums and leporellos are small photo albums for carrying along everywhere you go or giving as a gift and can be used to share 12 to 100 photos.

Mini Memories photo albums can be personalized. The cover motif uses reinforced cardboard for a solid feel and can be replaced with the photo of your choice. In addition, Mini Memories photo albums come with an inlay sheet for personal information. Mini Memories albums are available with black pages and in a variety of designs: Travel, Love, Design, Animals, etc.

Memories  Mini Albums - Trendy designs for various occasions and themes. 

Minialben & Leporello


As a perfect complement to the photo albums we offer the Cosenza mini albums in two photo format sizes – 11.5 x 15.5 and 13 x 18 cm – in a hard and soft cover version which holds from 36 to 100 photos. 

Leporello  -  suitable for up to 12 11.5 x 15.5 cm photos with a colour-matched satin ribbon for tying it together. 

Mini Albums & Leporellos


High-quality textured cover with a square die-cut in the front for personalising your individual album. It makes a wonderful gift and fits in any purse. Fun mini albums and leporellos come in ten amazing colours. 

Trend Colours  -   mini albums and leporellos with black pages for photo format sizes up to 15 x 20 cm.  

Design Mini Albums & Leporellos


Mini albums and leporellos as the perfect addition to the Grindy album series. The mini albums are available both as hard or soft cover version. 

Grindy features an art print cover with timeless and extremely chic black-and-white motifs.  

Design Mini Albums


Mini Albums Mariposa series are available in a trendy design with butterfly motif oin three different colours (violet, green and blue). The mini albums are available both as hard or soft cover versions for different photo sizes.

Mini Albums


Mini albums with three star motifs in three colours. These mini albums hold up to 100 photos and are practical companions – for sharing your best photos.  

Stellar mini albums are available for 9 x 13, 10 x 15, 11.5 x 15.5 (digital format) and 13 x 18 cm photos.   


Baby Leporellos

Madu Baby Leporellos with high quality cover

Baby Leporello


Bambini leporello with a high-quality art print cover and a cute star embossing. The front cover features a die-cut for inserting your own picture. In this way you get your very own personal album.   

Bambini holds up to 13 10 x 15 cm photos and it even comes with a colour-matched satin ribbon for tying it together.    

Baby Mini Albums

 Teddy/ Sweet Things/ My Friend

The walther design collection offers many more baby albums with high-quality art print designs. Small practical albums for giving as a gift, carrying along and sharing with others.